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Why we're here

We believe innovation will drive growth and jobs in our region, if we collectively create the right environment to unlock it. Yet taking ideas to market is complex. That’s why LYVA Labs has been created, to provide support for the ideas and technologies being developed here in Liverpool City Region.
We work with the people who are challenging the way we do things today and invest in the projects and technologies that will push the boundaries of tomorrow. With the help of commercial and sector-focussed experts, we have created a streamlined process for early-stage investment. We are working with stakeholders across the Liverpool City Region to create an ecosystem of high growth companies.

What we do

LYVA Labs provides innovation investment and support for ideas and technologies being developed across the Liverpool City Region.

We aim to provide entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and clinicians with a route to early-stage investment, and connections into a thriving eco-system of support, we underpin this with commercialisation expertise for each stage of the journey.

We work with stakeholders across the Liverpool City Region to collectively create an ecosystem of strategic innovation assets, high growth innovative companies supported by a variety of investment mechanisms and expertise to fuel growth.

Our goal is to support our community to find solutions to global problems, and to improve the lives of those who live and work in the region.

Why we do it

Our region has an abundance of research and innovation strengths, and our role is to support the ideas, people and projects that are transforming the region and taking us to a new tomorrow.

Innovation projects are complex. We exist to help people to navigate the process. Our team of experts across commercial, industry and technical fields is in place to fast track, add value and source successful outcomes for projects.

Innovation will drive growth and create jobs in our region – if we create the right environment to unlock it.

Who we work with

We engage with innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, research technology organisations, investors, public funders and other partners within the local innovation ecosystem. 

Through collaboration, we connect ideas, people and projects to drive future growth. 

Our Partners