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Supporting Asset Handling’s latest technology development to fly

Baggag Handling System

Asset Handling is a “Software as a Service” business that provides a range of products and technologies that turn data into usable information, allowing organisations to make informed decisions based on real insights that affect all areas of their operations.

The business has a well-established customer base for its asset and programme insight management solutions but is also looking to exploit new market opportunities with its knowledge of software and sensor system design.

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How to move from pilot to profits?

Asset Handling has developed novel sensor technology for condition-based monitoring of airport baggage handling systems, in partnership with the University of Huddersfield, following a successful Innovate UK Smart Grant.

With the technology developed, and in pilot testing environments with Schipol and Stansted Airports, the team was now ready to move the product into a commercial proposition for other global airport customers. This included European and Asian markets, through the Innovate UK Singapore Global Business Innovation Programme. The LYVA Labs team helped Asset Handling to successfully apply for this programme.

"Having completed successful trials in some of the largest airports in Europe, with strong customer feedback, we have great confidence in our unique condition-based monitoring solution and its ability to be a game-changer for the wider baggage handling marketplace."

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

Why Asset Handling chose LYVA Labs

Asset Handling’s team was looking for help prioritising market opportunities for its new sensor technology. They wanted to develop a clear brand proposition, whilst evolving the team’s commercial exploitation plan.

"We became aware of LYVA Labs through their leading role in the LCR Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Cluster. The support on offer came just at the right time for us and our new conveyor monitoring solution."

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

Following an initial scoping conversation, the team agreed on an agenda of the business’s priorities as part of a full day ‘Develop’ workshop.

How LYVA Labs responded

LYVA Labs’ “Develop” workshop used a series of innovation tools & techniques to help prioritise opportunities open to Asset Handling through their new technology and a planned company restructuring.

The teams developed detailed customer personas during the session to help the company understand the ‘wants and needs’ of their customers, and to plot the best route-to-market for Asset Handling’s baggage handling failure detection and insight system.

Through workshop exercises, Asset Handling were able to define its product’s value proposition more clearly for customers, the business model that will support it, and the key ‘risky assumptions’ around that business model to make it a success in-market.

All these exercises and materials were summarised for the team in a LYVA Labs’ 'Develop Doc', which also helped provide prompts on necessary next steps to de-risk the team’s assumptions. It also provided an initial concept for the team’s marketing strategy and positioning.

"The workshop gave us the structure, space, and discussions we needed to develop our proposition and business plan, whilst the wrap-up documentation gave us a great foundation on which to build our investment and customer pitches."

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

The Results

Through working with the LYVA Labs consultancy team, Asset Handling now have a sharper value proposition for their potential customers, understand their route to market in greater detail and how the business model can be established in an international marketplace.

This work has also helped to provide strong foundations for an investor pitch. Asset Handling are currently looking to secure upwards of £250K in funding or investment to help exploit this new area of their business, which they project to deliver £4.3M in additional turnover by the end of 2025.

"The work with LYVA Labs has given us confidence to find business partners and customers that will help make this new product a success and huge growth driver for Asset Handling. What I really appreciated was how targeted and practical the advice was. We’re busy trying to launch a new area of business whilst having to balance that with existing client relationships so it’s great having outside support and things we can build on quickly."

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

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