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Meet our portfolio companies: Daresbury Proteins





Shining a light on LYVA Labs’ growing list of portfolio companies

Liverpool City Region-based company, Daresbury Proteins, has developed a technology to manufacture exceptionally high-quality proteins for high-end applications. Recombinant proteins, manufactured and supplied by Daresbury Proteins, are essential to overcoming challenges in the global reagent, diagnostic, and drug markets, by ensuring the best drugs make it to market faster and cheaper.

Here, Daresbury Proteins’ Founder, Jennet Beesley, talks about the support and investment her company has received from LYVA Labs:

“ The partnership with LYVA Labs has been an invigorating, propelling boost. It opened new horizons and helped us achieve our goals. To us, the LYVA Labs team has been more than just an investor, sharing our passion and providing supportive, understanding mentorship. LYVA Labs supported our entrepreneurial journey, helping us to develop and grow our company.

" In addition to investing £250k into our company and supporting us to leverage additional funding, LYVA Labs helped us set up an outstanding board. The Board has helped us develop our business model, steering our growth strategy. Our company has grown in numbers, and we’ve been able to hire some fantastic new staff members.

" The LYVA Labs investment enabled us to start our EU project, achieving project-related milestones, including the first dataset on the validation of our enabling platform in an industry-relevant setting. Another important milestone is the creation of our Foreground IP, which we wouldn't have achieved without LYVA Labs’ support. We have started promising collaborations with globally known business names - something we could not have dreamed of before partnering with LYVA Labs.  

" Since receiving our investment from LYVA Labs, we have acquired a customer who discovered the platform they were using wasn’t as productive or scalable as ours. We’ve been able to help the customer reach their targets by supporting them to scale up and make cost savings. This opens exciting opportunities for a strategic partnership with this customer and could help us attract new business.

" We recently began partnering with UK businesses to apply for Innovate UK funding on two different projects; our company was also selected, with 13 other high-growth UK companies to participate in the Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Programme, Biomanufacturing of Biologics and Advanced Therapies, Canada. We attended networking and partnering events and round tables in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal to explore and exploit the growth and innovation opportunities in Canada's Life Sciences and Biomanufacturing Ecosystem. We are looking forward to the next stage in 2024!

" We are actively fundraising for our next investment round to keep up the momentum gained through working with LYVA Labs. LYVA Labs is helping us connect to the right people and make introductions. We would like to thank Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, the LYVA Labs team, and Lorna Green personally for her vision in setting up the company.”