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LYVA Labs signs Investing in Women Code, for International Women’s Day



LYVA Labs is celebrating the International Women’s Day 2024 (8th March) theme of #inspireinclusion by announcing our commitment to investing in and supporting female entrepreneurs and signing up for the Investing in Women Code.

The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship1 was published on 8 March 2019. The report highlighted the barriers to accessing finance for female entrepreneurs, whilst exposing a gender gap in investment. Most female-led businesses receive less funding than those led by men, throughout their entrepreneurial journey. The report found only 1% of venture capital funding goes to female-founded businesses.

In response to The Rose Review, the Investing in Women Code was established. It is supported by the British Business Bank, Department for Trade and Industry, and The Rose Review (The Review Report 2022.) Organisations that show real investment in female entrepreneurs and female staff are encouraged to sign up for The Code.

More about the Investing in Women Code:

  • It is a commitment backed by the UK Government to support the advancement of women entrepreneurs in the UK by improving access to the tools, resources, and finance they need to achieve their goals.
  • The Code was established after the Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship identified a lack of funding as one of the most significant factors holding back women from scaling their businesses.
  • Signatories are committed to supporting female entrepreneurship, including by collecting and providing data to be published annually. Signatories include angel investment groups, venture capital and growth investors and high street banks.
  • The Rose Review found that over 150,000 all-female founded companies were created in 2022 – a record high.
  • However, many women-led businesses are often not able to reach their full potential. This is partly because they are still underfunded compared to male-led enterprises.
  • £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women in the UK matched men in starting and scaling businesses.
  • Last year’s Investing in Women Code annual report showed that investment in all-female founder teams by Code signatories is at 9%, up from 6% in 2020 and beating the market benchmark.